theo’s past

Theodore, Annie & Adrian (puppy dad) on adoption day.

Theodore was adopted from the Animal Care Society in Louisville, KY on September 2, 2012. He was 4 months old at the time of adoption.

Theo was born in a litter of 6 male puppies… all looking surprisingly different. His father is a suspected Yorkie but the previous owners weren’t positive. His mom is a 25 lb. Yorkie mix. Theo’s mom’s owners didn’t want to keep the puppies and they were split up between two different shelters in Louisville. All the puppies were adopted fairly quickly.

As a tiny guy, Theo and his brothers were left outside in a crate with little human interaction or attention. We’re also not sure how young they were taken from their mother. We don’t suspect actual physical abuse but Theo has a fairly severe separation anxiety problem. While his separation anxiety makes him an extremely lovable and warm dude, he panics when left alone. We’re currently working on the issue with a behavioral specialist. That being said, he’s the best pup a girl could ask for.

If you’re interested in supporting the Animal Care Society… Louisville’s first “No-Kill” shelter please visit them on the web here. They are a great facility and truly care about their animals. If you’re interested in adopting a furball of your own, see their current pups and cats up for adoption here. They tend to have mostly smaller dogs.

One thought on “theo’s past

  1. Lovely story and so glad you adopted – something everyone should do instead of breeding! I worked at a kennels/cattery and adopted my first dog Mollie, she was a 3 year old Border Collie who had been neglected and abused terribly. She had real issues when I first had her, and still is very wary of some men, but with love and patience she is a lovely member of our family and will be 9 this year 🙂
    Our second dog I acquired from a friend who had bought her out of the paper then decided he no longer wanted a dog. She was a 10 month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and we were her 4th owner.. She was very timid when we first had her (I suspect abuse) and has separation anxieties anxieties still, but is a loving little girl.. I wouldn’t be without either of them 🙂 x

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