Who can you trust these days?!

I can honestly admit… I spend entirely too much time thinking about my dog. First step is admitting, right?

The problem is, no matter how much time I spend researching and advice seeking, I still don’t know the answers! Now, I realize this is just part of life.

Just today, another disturbing fact came to light about Theo’s doggie daycare facility. Unfortunately, it’s the only facility of that kind in our surrounding area.

When I first adopted Theo, I sought the advice of my trusted friends and coworkers… and they have yet to prove me wrong! However, when Theo’s anxiety didn’t taper off, I had to find a temporary solution.

I’d heard not to trust the vet services at this particular establishment (Theo goes for check-ups elsewhere), but had I heard the day and boarding facilities were acceptable… and pretty good even!

I guess I heard wrong. Apparently, the services are still sub-par. They do not monitor their dogs very well during the day… and even allow them to sit in their own urine overnight during boarding(according to a friend). Many dogs have walked away with injuries that this establishment has not taken care of as they “100% guarantee.” They also overbook for boarding, packing 3-4 dogs of mixed breeds and personalities in one kennel. I have yet to have any concrete evidence against them, but I’m not sure I want to stick around and wait for some.

I’m also not saying this facility is horrible and the people who manage it are awful dog-beaters. My biggest concern is… who do I trust?! How do I know my dog is getting properly cared for when he’s out of my hands? These types of places charge fairly high prices for “luxury¬†accommodations”¬† but how do we know they’re fulfilling their promises?

I wish there was a giant online handbook for the best places for animal services in every city! Does anyone out there know something I don’t? Or should we all convene to make one of these?!