Help Animals and Pet Shelters (with a free click!)

Head over to the Animal Rescue Site and click the button daily to help sponsor food and care for rescue pets! It’s FREE and supports an amazing cause. Thanks to Deborah and her great dog blog, Dog Leader Mysteries for sharing this with … Continue reading

one potato, two potato

Are you looking for a healthy, but less expensive yummy treat for your pup? Try making one yourself! (Cooking not necessarily required).  Theo has always been a very picky eater (strange for dogs, right?). I have a hard time finding treats … Continue reading

made in the U.S. of A.

Tip #1: Do NOT purchase dog treats, food, bones etc. that are  NOT MADE/MANUFACTURED in the U.S. (especially food products from China)  Jerky products in particular Companies like Del Monte say their products are distributed within the U.S., but if … Continue reading