3 New Zealand Dogs Learn to Drive Mini Coopers

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has teamed up with Mini Cooper in New Zealand to teach three dogs how to drive.

The Auckland SPCA hopes to dispel the idea that abandoned pets are second-rate with the social campaign.

“Obviously, we think dogs are pretty smart and amazing. And we reckon, if more people thought the same, more of our dogs would find happy homes,” the official Facebook page states. The interactive marketing campaign lives on the Driving Dogs Facebook page where visitors can learn about adopting a smart dog and about the Mini Cooper.

The chosen pooches — Porter, Monty and Ginny — are learning to drive in rigs with paw-activated accelerators and brakes. Trainers chose the canine trio based on their size, look and attitude from dozens of dogs at the shelter. After just a few weeks of training with head driving coach Mark Vette and his team of experts, the playful pups learned to sit facing forward with their paws on the steering wheels.

The rescue dogs will be put to the test in front of Campbell Live‘s national TV audience — under the supervision of trainers, of course. To find out if these talented pups learn how to drive, tune in on Dec. 10. In case you were wondering all three of the canine drivers are still up for adoption.

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MUST READ: Learning to Live with Fritz

Learning to Live with Fritz

“Disgruntled Angel in a Hairy Disguise”

by E. Rawlins


“In Learning to Live with Fritz author E. Rawlins tells the story of how one crazy little dog changed her life.

A soon-to-be divorced soprano is mysteriously compelled to purchase a pup only days before saying goodbye to her unhappy role of California corporate wife. Rushing back to Europe to save what is left of her flagging career, the decision to take along a twelve-week-old Maltese puppy is more than implausible … it is insane.

Humorous and self-critical Rawlins tells the story of her chaotic adventures with Frizbee, an eight pound nut-case who was in reality an ill-tempered angel in a hairy disguise. Fifteen years of non-stop travel take the dizzy diva and her high maintenance mascot to Paris, London, Brussels, Tokyo, Vienna, Salzburg, Milan, and back to the Big Apple. Along the way they pick up a handsome young baritone on his personal journey to international operatic celebrity. As the drama unfolds the idea of love at first sight reveals itself to be anything but a romantic illusion.

Fritz continually upstages and controls his mistress through his rigidly enforced rules and regulations, his antics, his irascible charm … and his bizarre other worldly connections. This is a memoir of a narcissistic would-be diva and a dog who is dead serious about teaching her how to give up her me-myself and I illusions, to live authentically … and above all to learn the meaning of unconditional love.”

My thoughts: If you have a tender bone in your body you won’t be able to put this book down! E. Rawlins’ incredible and descriptive writing style makes Learning to Live with Fritz a fast-paced and delightful read! (WARNING: there are some sad parts)  Her comical anecdotes paint a crystal picture making her story satisfying for just about anyone–pet owner or not.  However, the real depth of the memoir comes from her  so-called “mystical tra-la-la” and the teachings of her “guru” dog, Fritz.  She sheds light on the eerie, yet remedying communication powers that animals posses. Don’t let this be misleading, Rawlins’ writes for all audiences. You won’t be disappointed with this book.

Read a free preview of Learning to Live with Fritz here: iUniverse.

You can also purchase Learning to Live with Fritz here: Amazon.com.

Hey you never know, this book could make a great Christmas present for your animal-loving friend!