Where in the world?!

As one of our favorite bloggers, JackieWriting, noticed Theo’s World has been on a brief hiatus! Early in the year, I took on a new venture–OWNER & CEO of Chartreuse By Annie.

Chartreuse is my own line of all-natural, hand-poured soy candles. I finally started pursing the craft of candle-making, which is something I’ve wanted to do for a while. As you can probably guess, I just haven’t had time to keep up with Theo’s posts in the last few months. Keeping up with Theo is hard enough! If you’re interested in my candles, you can visit our blog at http://chartreusebyannie.wordpress.com/ or shop online here: http://chartreusebyannie.com/.


During this hectic time, Theo has been right by my side (of course)! He’s the best little assistant a girl could ask for. Important update: his separation anxiety has dramatically decreased! He’s now able to stay by himself for most of the work day without barking or getting too upset. We nixed the crate, and he’s enjoying free reign of the house. Magically, there haven’t been any housebreaking accidents or anything of the short. Life is good! We’ll be back to regular postings in the coming weeks. In the meantime, here are some photos from our time away:

One thought on “Where in the world?!

  1. Wow this is great news! I was a bit worried incase you or Theo had been ill, but Chartreuse looks fabulous! It’s also great news that Theo is able to be left alone for most of the day – well done both of you 🙂

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