Winter Hazards for Pets!

The Crier

The winter months are here again so here are some seasonal safety tips to keep your pets fit and healthy:

Antifreeze, which is Ethylene Glycol based, is highly toxic to both dogs and cats. It is sweet tasting and so attractive to our pets. The signs of poisoning can include loss of balance, vomiting and lethargy. Immediate veterinary treatment is required.

At Christmas we hang chocolate on the tree and wrap it up for presents, making it accessible to our inquisitive pets.  Chocolate contains theobromine which is toxic to pets.  Dark or cooking chocolate contains the highest concentration of theobromine and so is more dangerous.

Poinsetta, holly and mistletoe are brought into our homes over the Christmas period and, if accidently eaten by our pets, can lead to them becoming unwell. To help prevent any problems, keep these plants out of easy reach of your pet.

Turkey or chicken bones…

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