The Crate Is Great! Why Dogs Can Love Kennels As Much As You?!

REBLOG: Dog Trainer Katy‘s Tips for helping your dog with crate training… Many more to come on this topic.

Here are Katy’s crate picks.

The Crate Is Great! Why Dogs Can Love Kennels As Much As You?!

Many loving and caring dog owners worry about their pups and especially their pups having to stay in a crate.  You don’t need to.  If a puppy is properly introduced and trained they will use it, love it, and enjoy being in it when they need to be.

And now, like any other dog owner, you ask yourself; how do I know if my dog will like it?  How do I know my dog won’t be upset if I put them in there?

Dogs are natural den animals, that is why you have nothing to worry about.  They love to have their own place to lay, cuddle up, stay warm, and snooze.  So, with that, a crate is just a modern day dog den.

The best thing about it?!  Most crates are easily portable.  So, not only can it be moved from room to room in your house but also be taken with you while you travel.

Portability in the home is not only necessary for you but most importantly for your pooch.   A crate can be taken to any part of the house which will prove helpful with company over for a nice dinner and Fido gets a little anxious.  It will also be useful if your dog gets a little to restless during a nice summertime BBQ with the neighbors.  It will come in mighty handy to move your puppy’s crate to a back bedroom where the kids of those neighbors can’t bother it.  Thus, keeping any chance of Spot nipping out of excitement or Spot stealing a Sugar Cookie a four year old holds oh so dear!

As well,  if you purchase a crate that folds up, you can take it with you on a weekend trip or a driving summer vacation.  How much would you love to be able to take your own bed?  To fold it up, pack it away, and take it out the second you get into a new hotel room that you aren’t quite sure how comfortable the beds will be?!  I can imagine it’d pretty nice!  So, allow your dogs that comfort, they will love you for it.  Plus, you don’t have to worry about them chewing up a bed, chair, wall, or dresser that isn’t yours.  And that is a piece of mind worth traveling with!

With all that, crates don’t seem like to bad an idea!  Try it, you’ll love yourself for it, and trust me, your puppy will love you!  But, remember the dog has to be trained and encouraged to love it.  You move to fast and you may loose any chance your dog has to enjoy their own little bedroom.

For more information on why ‘The Crate Is Great!” stay tuned!   As well, you can refer to my first ‘The Crate Is Great!” blog.

Use the link below to look at a few crates!  I like the metal ones as they are easier to fold up, easy to clean, and the dog can see out.
Crates Worth Looking At

Thanks for the help, Dog Trainer Katy!

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