Pets Don’t Care How Much Money You Have

Marking Our Territory

I didn’t win the lotto.  My dreams of going on safari were shattered.  Luckily Eko was there to console me:

“There, there, Will.  Don’t cry.”

But like I realized yesterday, you don’t need millions of dollars to lead an exciting life.  Having a pet makes every day interesting.  The other great part about pets is that they don’t care how much money you have, or what you do for a living or what kind of fashion sense you have.  I only mention this last part because I dress like I’m colorblind and my wardrobe choices often embarrass my girlfriend.  Never Eko though!  Our pets simply want our love, care and attention – the rest is just details.

Pets are there through thick and thin

And they never judge you, no matter how crazy your ideas may be

So, yeah, I didn’t hit the jackpot.  But Eko makes me feel like a…

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